Meet the Team

Below are the stories, experiences and backgrounds of just some of the people who make up the diverse staff at 色中色视频鈥檚 School and 色中色视频’s Juniors.


Nick Arnold

Senior and Pastoral Deputy Head, 色中色视频鈥檚 Juniors

Nick started at 色中色视频鈥檚 Juniors in September 2020 having previously been Deputy Head at Hereward House School for six years and prior to that at University College School in Hampstead for seven years.

Nick leads the pastoral team at 色中色视频鈥檚 Juniors, working closely with the Heads of Year and School Counsellor, as well as being the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school. His priority is to make sure that all the pupils at SPJ are happy, healthy and safe so they are able to fully enjoy school and all of the excellent academic and co-curricular opportunities available to them. Nick also works closely with his counterpart at 色中色视频鈥檚 School to make sure that the pupils have a smooth transition when they leave SPJ at the end of Year 8 and start at SPS in Year 9.

Nick enjoys working with such intelligent, thoughtful and inquisitive pupils and appreciates the very wide range of clubs that are available to them, wishing that he could take part in many of them himself! Outside of the school day, he likes keeping fit through swimming, going to the gym and long walks with his dog, as well as enjoying spending time at the theatre.

Tyler John (he/they)

Head of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Tyler started his diversity and inclusion career as an Intern at King’s College London, and since then, has worked in various roles across different industries. He joined 色中色视频’s in 2022 as the Head of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, where he is responsible for facilitating the School’s journey toward becoming the most diverse and inclusive place it can be for both staff and students, prospective and current. As a queer, mixed-race, working-class person, Tyler appreciates the impact of lived experience and representation, and enjoys working with the pupils because of their open mindedness, and intellectual and emotional curiosity.

Katie Douglass

Director of Engineering and ICT

Katie joined 色中色视频鈥檚 in 2010 as a Teacher of Product Design, having completed her teacher training qualification and an Open University degree while teaching at a St Cecilia鈥檚, a secondary school in Wandsworth. In 2016, she was appointed to the role of Director of ICT and, the following year, to Director of Engineering, which was expanded to include Head of Engineering for 色中色视频鈥檚 Juniors in 2020.

As Director of Engineering, Katie鈥檚 role is to develop the curriculum and department, manage the GCSE and A level qualifications, and line-manage and support her team. She is also responsible for developing the co-curricular activities for engineering, with lunchtime activities for all year groups, and for engineering outreach. She also continues to teach Product Design from Lower Second (Year 5) to Lower Eighth (Year 12).

In 2016, Katie started Firefly Racing at 色中色视频鈥檚, now a hugely successful racing team, where she met her partner, Arthur. She was appointed Greenpower Ambassador for London, helping other London schools to start and run their own Greenpower Racing Teams.

As Director of ICT, Katie was appointed by Microsoft as a MIEE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) and is also a Google Certified Trainer. She is responsible for developing the curriculum and the training for all staff and pupils on the ICT systems in school. She is also the E-Safety Office for 色中色视频鈥檚 School, supporting colleagues in ensuring online safety for pupils.

Katie loves working with colleagues who share the same kind of passion about engineering and showing how amazing the subject can be. She also enjoys working with the younger boys and seeing their excitement with using tools for the first time, as well as seeing the same pupils develop into young men as they move through the school years.

Katie is a single parent to a now 20-year-old daughter. She initially studied Silversmithing and Jewellery and still enjoys a range of crafts including embroidery, sewing, and weaving, as well as writing a blog about crafting and gaming.

Iva Franji膰

Teacher of Mathematics

Iva joined 色中色视频鈥檚 in 2020 as a Teacher of Mathematics. She studied Mathematics at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, gaining a MMath, MPhil and PhD.

She started her career at the same university as a Research Assistant, progressing to the role of Associate Professor. On relocating to the UK, Iva felt she needed a new challenge and moved into teaching mathematics in schools. She spent four very happy years at Ruthin School before accepting the role at 色中色视频鈥檚.

At 色中色视频鈥檚, Iva teaches Maths and Further Maths and across all year groups. She enjoys having the privilege of teaching bright and ambitious students, as well as the company of her work colleagues who are also academics of the highest calibre.

In her spare time, Iva enjoys spending time outdoors and travelling to explore other countries when Covid restrictions allow. Having only moved to London in this academic year, Iva is very much looking forward to exploring the capital and everything it has to offer.

Caroline Gill

Undermaster – Head of Gill House

Caroline started her professional career in Sales and Marketing for AstraZeneca before re- training to be a teacher.聽 She started her career in education at Paul鈥檚 Juniors in 2006 and taught there for seven years. She then wanted to focus on teaching her degree subject of political sciences, so after a time at Dulwich College as a History and Politics teacher, she returned to 色中色视频鈥檚 School as Head of Politics. She鈥檚 been back here for five years and has been Undermaster (Head of Year) to the Fourth Form for the last four.

As Undermaster, Caroline is responsible for setting the tone for the House, getting the pupils settled into 色中色视频鈥檚 and establishing good work habits. She enjoys working with such bright and self-motivated pupils and the unpretentious and purposeful nature of the school. Alongside the wider pastoral care and wellbeing team, she鈥檚 also there as a support to any pupils who are finding things harder and enjoys the one-to-one meetings with pupils where she is able to help them.

Caroline looks forward to catching up with colleagues each day over lunch as there鈥檚 always someone interesting to sit and chat with. She also enjoys 聽the variety that her role offers between teaching and the wider pastoral care. Outside of work, Caroline can be found absorbing all the culture that London has to offer, enjoying the outdoors, trying to keep fit in the gym and spending time with family and friends.

Tom Killick

Deputy Head – Co-curricular

Tom joined 色中色视频鈥檚 School in 2012 after twelve years in the City as a trader. With both parents being University academics, teaching has always been present in his family, so Tom always knew he would want to change career. Tom鈥檚 first impressions of 色中色视频鈥檚 were of energy and enthusiastic activity, scholarly colleagues and pupils who always had something interesting to say.

Tom鈥檚 current role at the school is Deputy Head 鈥 Co-curricular, he is responsible for all activity which takes place outside of the academic curriculum. He is also a teacher of Mathematics and a coach of rowing, having been a previous President of the Boat Club.

During the time Tom has been at 色中色视频鈥檚, he鈥檚 noticed the many physical changes to the campus, with new buildings completed during the renewal campaign, and also the composition of the Common Room, with new colleagues and more female teaching staff. However despite the changes he feels that the unique ethos of the school has been preserved.

Tom met his wife at the school, a teacher of French and German, and he now spends much of his spare time at home with his young family. He鈥檚 also a keen sportsman, enjoying rowing, cycling and triathlon, and he loves getting out on the River Thames during the long lunchbreak.

Becky Ryan

Facilities Manager

Becky came to 色中色视频鈥檚 following seven years working within facilities in the property and investment banking sector. She wanted a change from working with a corporate environment and the challenge of working in a new sector. She joined 色中色视频鈥檚 School in March 2019 as Operations Administrator and after 18 months was promoted to Facilities Manager.

Becky works closely with the Operations Director, supporting them on a day-to-day basis, as well as managing her Services, Security, Porters and Reception Team. She is responsible for the smooth running of the school鈥檚 鈥榮oft services鈥 which includes cleaning, catering, waste management, pest control and general services. In particular, she has had to develop the cleaning element of the role which has been extremely important in ensuring the smooth running of the school during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Becky loves being part of the school community and finds it a special and unique place to work. She never knows what each day will bring, what changes will be required or what exciting news the pupils and staff have to offer. She also enjoys working alongside smart and friendly people and says: 鈥榤y team and the operations department are the best bunch of people I have ever worked with and truly make the days worthwhile.鈥 In her spare time, Becky enjoys keeping fit with weight-training and is also learning to play the violin.